Set of Big Round pouf and wooden oak tray, dark blue


Add this Tray to the Pouf to transform the pouf into a functional table. For parties, the removable Tray can also be used for serving. Create an eye-catching arrangement in your favorite rooms . Use as the start of a centerpiece for your dining table or kitchen table and fill with artificial fruit or place on your living room coffee table and add candles, knickknacks or trinkets from your travel adventures. This oak tray fits snugly on top.

Pouf: 59xh36cm-MDP, foam. Fabric velvet , color- dark blue.

About fabric. Intellectual fabrics with easy care technology:
- soft and stylish. Delicate and soft feel is accentuated with an array of coordinated colors, designs and unique features, allowing consumers to express their own personal design flair.
- extreme durability. This fabric endured the extremely tough wear test with values about 100.000 Martindale cycles, herewith meeting the highest durability standards.
- repellency. Initial repellency causes liquids to stay on the surface of the fabric, making cleaning easy - blotting with a cloth with little bit of soap is usually all that is needed, even with difficult stains like coffee or wine.
- cleaning friendly. Designed to resist stains and soiling, fabrics are easy to care for and in most cases, a little soap and warm water are all that's required to restore the fabric to its original state.
- stain resistant. Fabrics have a barrier of protection built right into the fabric making difficult stains easy to clean.

Oak tray: 61xh4 cm- solid oak. Oiled. Please, select before you buy.

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